Special thanks to Keith Chadwick for donating a copy of Series 1, volume 1.


OK, so a blast from the past! I was 19 when the second issue came out. I missed the first issue, and had great difficulty in finding a copy when I first put these on the Web a few years ago. An appeal on the message board resulted in a very positive outcome, when I was contacted by Keith Chadwick, who sent me an original copy.


I remember the adrenaline rush when a new copy was sent out. Those were such magic times in my life, as, I guess, they were for most of us who were there.


These magazines have stayed in the loft for too long, so here they are.                


Some of you may be mentioned or in a photo, so let me know if you recognise yourself. You can leave a message in the guestbook if you want.





Fan-club magazine archive - 1979 to 1984











Various magazine and other press articles from long ago.......




 The Observer Sunday magazine - 24th of June 1979                                              Kerrang - 1984




The End of the Road book - 1984




         Part one                        Part two                        Part three



Various fan club flyers and oddities. Look at the Marquee advert, can anyone see the link between two of the bands playing that week?