1. The Entrance of Tomorrow

2. Clarity of Vision

3. Beneath the Cold Stone Floor

4. Semilanceata

5. Breaking the Surface

6. Optimistic Indecision

7. The Certainty of Change


CD available for £5 plus £1.50 p&p.

Supplied in a slimline case with a booklet.



My fourth album was finished in 2004, and in many respects was quite a lonely one. At the time I had lost contact with Simon Wilkins, and was increasingly busy with family responsibilities, so there are no 'guest' musicians on this one.


On the plus side I had managed to get to grips with the available technology a bit better, so the recording quality had improved since the last album. I still had my moments though, as 'Semilanceata' will demonstrate!


This album was quite varied in style, with both 'Breaking the Surface' and 'Optimistic Indecision' being a bit modern for me. Still, I had to dabble I guess, if only to realise that I'm crap at that also.


One of the highlights for me was 'Clarity of Vision' which was written and recorded over the course of a single evening. It was just one of those moments when everything came together, hence the track title.


The final track, 'The Certainty of Change' contains samples provided by two friends which I had originally intended to use for the previous album, but nothing seemed appropriate at the time. A short piece of guitar from Sean Zag, and some spoken poetry from Bruce James. Thanks to both of you.