'Of Ages and Legends' cover art

1. Diamondback

2. Of Ages

3. Edgewood

4. Legends End

5. Myth

6. Octobersong

7. Shutdown

8. Cold Embrace


Click on the track titles to hear a sample.


CD available for £5 plus £1.50 p&p.

Supplied in a slimline case with a booklet.



This album was recorded between June 1997 and May 2000, and again I have my good friend Simon Wilkins to thank for his guitar contribution to the first track 'Diamondback'. Another friend, Richard Jackson, recorded penny whistle for track 2, 'Of Ages'.


I will always remember this time as that during which I switched from the Fostex XR-5 to a PC. Frankly it was a nightmare, and I messed-up a number of tracks as a result of my incompetence. The recording quality of this album does not match that of 'Still Yearning' but the songs turned out ok.


I had spent (for me) a considerable amount of money on a Roland JP-8000 (on credit over 2 years!) and battled with the learning curve on that, which also affected the end results.


The artwork is a colour inverted photo of the surface of Mars.