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01. Random Patterns

02. A Distant Wave

03. Wobblecosm

04. Access All Areas

05. Ether 1

06. Stumbling Upstairs

07. Shards of Dark Dreams

08. Rain From The East

09. Psilocybe Influence

10. Phase Variance

11. Ether 2

12. Penguin Expression

13. Panic Attack

14. Narnian Horse

15. Lilac in April

16. Hockney's Wind

17. End of a Dream

18. Stranger at the Table (original version)

19. Behind You!

20. Ether 3

21. Bangin' the Buffers

22. Ye Gods!

23. Still Yearning (original version)


CD available for £5.00 plus £1.50 p&p.

Supplied in a slimline case with a booklet



 Between 1987 and 1997 (until the completion of 'Still Yearning') I recorded a number of tracks which remained on cassette tape gathering dust. Some of the tracks were recorded when my equipment list comprised of a portable stereo tape recorder with a dubbing facility, a short-wave radio, and a cd player. They are therefore often VERY experimental.


Other tracks were early versions of songs that eventually appeared on 'Still Yearning', and others were not included as at the time I felt that they didn't fit well with the other songs on the album.


Rather than chuck 'em away, I compiled this cd as a place for them to nestle together. 'Random Patterns is therefore first in the chronological order as it contains the earliest tracks.


The artwork is gorgeous, and I don't know who produced it. I found it on the web many years ago, and have long since lost any reference to it. Luckily, this cd is of sufficient crapness to ensure that it will never attract attention by anyone! If the original artist wants me to remove it, then I will, and whist we're on the subject, if any of the folks that I've sampled on this album also want their stuff removed, then again I will do so. David Hockney was not consulted about track 16.


At the end of the day, I'm just a guy at home producing music that ain't ever going to sell, so give me some slack please.


Short samples of the tracks are included here, just click on the links included in the track listing.


Ta for getting this far.