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Finally, a new track!

Posted on 3rd November, 2012

ok, after 8 years I have finally managed to put another track together! No need to be too hasty is there? It's called 'Lonely Angel'

Dedicated to my dad, who died on 10th October 2008.

First blog (13th March 2012)

Posted on 13th March, 2012

After much dithering I decided to redesign the web site, which isn't proving to be as difficult as I'd anticipated. It's taking an age, but it's fun. Still loads to do.


After 8 years or so, I've finally got around to writing and recording some tunes again, so I'll post a link to some new stuff when it's ready. I would like to thank Andy Dundas for the encouragement to plug everything in again, ta mate, it worked!